Interactive Map of Cahokia Mounds

One of the greatest cities of the world, Cahokia was larger than London was in AD 1250. Learn more about this city by exploring our interactive map.

Where is Cahokia Mounds?

Cahokia Mounds is located in Collinsville, Illinois off Interstates 55/70 and 255. Cahokia Mounds is just fifteen minutes east of St. Louis, Missouri.

Plan your Visit

Our Interpretation of the Cahokia site focuses on its uniqueness as an urban center, or a city.

Events at Cahokia


Cahokia Archaeological Society Meeting

Come at 6:30 pm to help wash artifacts. Program and meeting, 7:30 pm.


Fall Equinox Sunrise Observance

Meet at the reconstructed Woodhenge. Arrive by 6:30 am. to hear an explanation of the discovery, form and function of this ancient post circle monument used as a calendar by the Mississippians. No ceremonies will be conducted. Free.